Monthly Archives: July 2012

User interviews – individual sessions

I was glad to begin interviewing users in an individual setting. The group setting was very useful, but I really felt the individual sessions would provide a ton more data. And they did. I preferred meeting with users at their homes so that I could get a better sense of their environments when they accessed the website. But really, the most valuable thing was just getting to know them as people so that I could create a well rounded persona. I’ll focus on one of my interviews for this blog post. Let’s say her name is…Calli. Continue reading

User interviews – group setting

In order to receive more user feedback, I decided to go to one of the Move Your Tale events called What’s the Story, Steve? This show is a Saturday morning show for all ages, and it just so happens that the day I attended, some of the camp kids performed! I had a blast and was shocked at the creative freedom those kids embraced. One of my favorite lines from the whole show came from a 4 year old during an improv puppet skit. “My name is Dr. Pie, and I’m not a doctor.” Continue reading