Creative roots keep you sane

Staring at a screen for 10+ hours a day can be a mind job. And now we have devices to fit every pocket we have, so we are never without a screen to stare at. But I’m breaking free, escaping the screen captivity.

My addiction

Hi, I’m Melanie, and I’m an art addict. I’ve been creating for over 30 years, and I have no intention of stopping.

So many of us artists don’t leave time to create art. In this world of efficiency, fast service, impatience, and “I want it now,” we forget to do what we love. C R E A T E . We get so distracted by screens (which is probably the worst thing I can say as a web designer), media, and trying to get enough sleep that we forget to leave time for art.

Fun fact: Artists start doing this interesting twitchy thing when we don’t get to create. This is because our art is our therapy. It allows us to turn off our brains for a while, focus in on what we are doing, and leave everything else at the door. How can that not be addictive?

Finding the balance

While I am a full-time web designer, I am also an artist by nature. I am now selling my artwork at local art fairs, which has been a great way to get my butt in gear and create art on a regular basis. That means I get a therapy session at least once a week. How often do you get your therapy?

Take time for your brain

Your brain needs to decompress. It does this during your sleep cycles, but it needs more. Even if you are not an artist, find something that allows your brain to relax and focus on one thing. Exercise, gardening, cooking, putting googley eyes on rocks, whatever. It doesn’t matter – just do it, regularly.

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