Keeping file sizes down

Such a problem, right? Having that beautiful large image on your website, but now you realize it’s over 500K and you need to size it down. 

I’ve been dealing with this issue a lot in the past couple weeks. I am working on a scrolling webpage that serves as an entire website. LOTS of large imagery, and now I am suffering the consequences of large file sizes. And a lot of them.

Big is back

You’ve probably noticed that large images are super popular right now in the web world. Many websites are using large background images and overlaying large font. If done right, this is a power combo. But what about those file sizes?

Do faster connections = larger file allowances?

In theory, it makes sense that with the GB internet speed of today, we should be allowed to use a 500K image (or even 5) on a webpage. We can download a GB/sec, right? 2.5 MB of images seems like small potatoes.

Is it?

(I’m seriously asking here)

Playing it safe

So, you’re not sure about my question above. I know, me too. If we play it safe and lower our file sizes, we now contend with loss of quality.


Having a big AND crisp image is pretty important in my line of work. We do the best we can by carefully choosing matte colors for transparent images and low-res quality for jpgs. While you can achieve pretty desirable results by doing this, we still desire that high-res image on our webpage.


Web standards are improving every single daggum day. When do we take the plunge into high-quality imagery? Someone will lead the path, and we’ll all realize what pansies we’ve been about it for the past year or two.

Good luck!


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