Move Your Tale lives again!

It’s been about 5 months since I’ve had any movement on the Move Your Tale website due to my client needing time for other things, but we are now in full swing once again.

Good things come to those who wait

My client, Kristin, has gotten her content finished for her new WordPress site, and we are now about to launch that sucker. Here’s the gist of what we did:

  1. Added the new content such as instructor bios, new posts, and copy for individual pages.
  2. Created all new PayPal buttons for a ton of new classes and camps.  Move Your Tale is one busy company – so many classes and camps are being offered. I think I counted around 17 or so that are happening this spring and summer.
  3. Added all the new PayPal buttons to the appropriate pages. This isn’t easy in WordPress. If your PayPal button has options like a text field or drop down, WordPress hates you. It’s like putting a form into a form – it doesn’t work unless you very carefully add the PayPal code to the HTML editor in WordPress. Ugh, I don’t even want to go into this further – such a problem.
  4. Added a sticky post slider to the front page. This was an option with the WordPress theme we chose, so why not have a little bling on that homepage?
  5. Added a ton of photos throughout the website. Naturally, we wanted to show the Move Your Tale kids having a blast on stage and such.

VistaPrint…in all its aching glory

Tried to transfer the domain from VistaPrint to Bluehost this weekend, but man, it is challenging to find the info you need. Apparently, I have to call VistaPrint Mon-Fri to initiate the transfer. Ugh.

But at least we are finally moving forward and about to launch this website.

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