Prototype – web version

With the changes I made from the paper prototyping phase, I’m now ready to create a high-fidelity prototype. Since this project is relatively small, and the paper prototyping phase had such few changes, I’m going to move into coding the website for my high fidelity prototype. That way, I can test and refine this prototype while coding the website.

I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Code That)

I LOVE coding websites. Honest. I can sit here for hours and code away until my eyeballs hurt. I just love it.

Having said that, creating a WordPress theme on my own is still a work in progress. I need to get this project done, so I am going to find an existing theme and modify it. Oh, and remember way back when I said to pack your Responsive Design map? We are still traveling on the responsive route through the UX Jungle, so I’d like to find a responsive WordPress theme if possible.

Why hasn’t Responsive Design caught on more?

Seriously, I’m asking you. Ethan Marcotte published his amazing article introducing Responsive Design over TWO years ago. Why haven’t more people adopted this yet? …I say that, and then remember that my own website isn’t responsive…YET.

While looking for a responsive WordPress theme, I’m realizing there aren’t too many out there suitable for the Move Your Tale needs. But finally, after a couple days of searching, activating, modifying, etc., I find one. Yes!

If you aren’t very familiar with responsive design, check out these examples:

As you resize your browser window, the layout adjusts to your screen size so that you can comfortably view and use the website on any device. Pretty sweet, eh? What’s even more sweet is how easy it is to implement this on your website, especially if you initially build the site with responsive design.

Get to it!

I need to spend some time modifying the WordPress theme, so I’ll leave you for today. After this commercial from our sponsors, we’ll show you our squeaky clean prototype!

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